Account Title Terms
Revolving Equity Access Lines (Principal and Interest) 15 prime + .25
Fixed Home Equity Loans 5 7.250%
10 7.625%
15 8.125%
New Auto Loans (2024) 12-60 months 5 7.750%
New Auto Loans (2024) 61-72 months 6 8.125%
Used Auto Loans (2021 to 2023) 12-60 months 5 8.500%
Used Auto Loans (2019 to 2020) 12-48 months 4 9.500%
Personal Unsecured Loans up to 60 months 5 15.750%
Current Wall Street Journal Prime N/A 8.500%

Rates effective as of 3/14/2024

* Annual Percentage Rate

PREFERRED RATE REDUCTION: All rates listed above are eligible for a 0.250% preferred rate reduction with automatic payment deducted from a checking or savings account at Unity Bank. Interest Rates are subject change without notice.

HOME EQUITY LOANS & REVOLVING EQUITY ACCESS LINES: Loan amounts from $10,000 to $500,000, maximum LTV of 75% and minimum credit score of 640.  Rates listed above are for single family owner occupied residences in NJ and PA. Homeowners insurance is required, Flood insurance may be required.  All loans in 2nd lien position are subject to .50% add on rate.  

HOME EQUITY LOANS: Fixed rate for the life of the loan. 

REVOLVING EQUITY ACCESS LINES: Prime rate published in the Wall Street Journal. Minimum rate is 5.00% and Maximum rate cap is 18%. $150 retirement fee, if credit line is closed within 18 months.

NEW AUTO LOANS: Minimum loan amount of $10,000 and must pay 10% down payment from purchase price (excluding taxes, registration etc.).

USED AUTO LOANS: Minimum loan amount of $5,000 and loan based on wholesale value from NADA book. For other terms and products, please contact Unity Bank Customer Service Center at 1-800-618-2265

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) effective as of date of publication, and is subject to change.

Minimum loan term is 12 months for all types of loans