Check out the updates on the Large House Renovations Continue Reading Renovation Photos
Here are some photos of the progress being made on the Large House Continue Reading Renovation Updates 1/10/17
Here are some photos showing how the house renovation is progressing. Walls in the basement have been knocked down, floors upstairs have been refinished, and HVAC and electric work is profressing. Continue Reading Large House Renovation Project Update
The renovation has continued with rooms being cleared out, floors being ripped up and the original wood floors being sanded.  Continue Reading Renovation Update 9/7
Click here to see some more of the renovation updates including side by side comparisons with carpets and junk removed. Exit signs, and new fire alarms have also been installed. Continue Reading Renovation Update 7/28
Here are some photos of the Large House at the time of purchase. Both the exterior and interior of this beautiful building will be restored over the next few years. 
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