Branch Operations

All our branches are open. Here's the branch contact information.

The following safety measures have been put in place to protect the health & safety of our customers, employees and community:

  • No public restrooms are available at this time.
  • If you are not feeling well, please utilize our online and mobile banking services.
  • Branch hours & locations can be found here.

Please check this website for future updates. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Click here for SBA PPP program details

SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness

To minimize any chances of funds running out or changes in government policy, apply for your PPP2 loan forgiveness now!

If your loan is not forgiven prior to the end of your grace period, your PPP loan will automatically be termed out and you will have to begin loan repayment. Once your loan forgiveness application is submitted to the SBA, they can take over 90 days to process the application. Please keep this timeline in mind when applying for forgiveness.

If you are ready to apply for loan forgiveness, please email the borrowing entity’s legal name and email address (if it’s not the one being used) to and an application link will be sent to you.

If you have any questions about your current PPP loan or loan forgiveness, please email our SBA PPP Lending Team:

Certificates of Deposit - Early Closure Penalties Waived

Unity Bank will waive the early closure penalty for CD’s opened prior to April 1, 2020. Please call your local branch for assistance. A list of branch locations and phone numbers can be found HERE


During these unprecedented times consumers may receive false information regarding the security of their deposits or their ability to access cash. The FDIC does not send unsolicited correspondence asking for money or sensitive personal information. The agency will never contact people asking for personal details, such as bank account information, credit and debit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or passwords.

Consumers may also be contacted by persons who claim to be employed by an agency, bank, or another entity. These scams may involve a variety of communication channels, including emails, phone calls, letters, text messages, faxes, and social media. Scammers might also ask for personal information such as bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and other details that can be used to commit fraud or sell a person's identity. Consumers should not provide this information.

Digital Services:

It’s a good idea for you to be prepared to manage finances in the event you cannot conduct business in the place or manner you usually do. Whether the Bank’s digital products are your first preference or a back-up, please make sure that you are familiar with the bank's electronic products, how to enroll and how they work.

If for any reason you cannot conduct business in your usual place of business, you should ensure you have access to your passwords and other information you need to conduct transactions. If there are services you rarely use, it is a good practice to regularly test these functions so you are prepared to use if needed.

Click below to learn about our digital products:

Financial Impact to Our Customers:

If you are financially impacted due to the Coronavirus crisis, please call our Customer Service Center at 800.618.BANK (2265).

Business Continuity

Federally regulated businesses, such as Unity Bank are required to have a business continuity program. Unity has a comprehensive business continuity program that is not only reviewed by federal auditors but internally audited, tested and updated by the Bank and third parties.