1. Be alert to your surroundings. Make a conscious effort to survey the area immediately adjacent to the ATM machine. Look for suspicious people or situations. If something does not look right, do not make your transaction. Leave the area and use another machine or come back at another time.
  2. Close the entry door of any automated teller machine facility equipped with a door.
  3. Limit your time at the machine. Prior to arriving at the ATM site, have your card out to avoid any delay of going through your purse or wallet to find it.
  4. Cover your transaction with your body by blocking the keyboard from view. By doing this, you will prevent someone from learning your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  5. Do not publicly show your cash. Put your cash in your wallet or purse, check to see that you have your card and receipt and leave the ATM immediately. The most important thing to remember is not to leave with cash exposed. Carefully watch for anyone approaching you or starting to follow you.
  6. Always keep your PIN a secret. Never give the number to anyone or write it down anywhere. Memorize it or use a secret code if you must write it down.
  7. Please call 1-800-554-8969 to report your ATM or Visa checkcard lost or stolen.
  8. Never let anyone use your card or access code. Law enforcement officers or financial officials will never ask for these items. Be suspicious if anyone does ask for these items.
  9. Direct complaints concerning automated teller machine security to Unity Bank at 800-618-2265.