to all the 2014 Car Show participants and sponsors.

Over $5600 was brought in by the show, 100% donated to Family Promise of Hunterdon and Family Promise of Warren counties

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2014 Classic Car Show Winners

Class #1   Antique to 1949

1st Reg.# 38 Car: year 1948 model: Buick Super Owner: Jerry Innella
2nd Reg.# 33 Car: year 1940 model: Ford Deluxe Owner: Elmer Hendershot

Class #2   50's Stock

1st Reg.# 2 Car: year 1958 model: Mercury Park Lane Owner: RJ Babriecki
2nd Reg.# 52 Car: year 1955 model: Ford/T-Bird Owner: George Fender

Class #3   60's Stock

1st Reg.# 53 Car: year 1968 model: Chevy Camaro Owner: Roger Stolarick
2nd Reg.# 56 Car: year 1968 model: Shelby Conv. G500 Owner: Harold Breithoff

Class #4   70's Stock

1st Reg.# 60 Car: year 1976 model: Pontiac Trans Am Owner: John DiFilippo
2nd Reg.# 3 Car: year 1979 model: Porsche 928 Owner: Richard Sage

Class #5   80's -'14 Stock

1st Reg.# 70 Car: year 2014 model: Ford GT500 Owner: Richard Pompa
2nd Reg.# 75 Car: year 2008 model: Ford Shelby GT500 Owner: Scott Conley

Class #6   Corvette

1st Reg.# 39 Car: year 1956 model: Chevy Corvette Owner: James Zavaglia
2nd Reg.# 79 Car: year 1966 model: Chevy Corvette Owner: Paul Spatz

Class #7   Street Rod

1st Reg.# 81 Car: year 1932 model: Ford B Owner: Darren Muttart
2nd Reg.# 13 Car: year 1946 model: Mercury CP Owner: Jim Meck

Class #8   Custom

1st Reg.# 44 Car: year 2007 model:Ford Shelby Prudhomme Owner: Bob Walker
2nd Reg.# 9 Car: year 1957 model: Chevy Bel-Air Owner: Bob Schomp

Class #9   Truck

1st Reg.# 36 Car: year 1946 model: Chevy Truck Owner: Russell Thatcher
2nd Reg.#7 Car: year 1955 model: Chevy Cameo Owner:Russell Thatcher

Class #10   Motorcycle

1st Reg.# 23 Car: year 2005 model: Ecstasy Renegrade Owner:Robo Reid

People's Choice

  Car: year 2013 model: Dodge Challenger Owner: Phil DeLuca