Car Show

to all the 2013 Car Show participants and sponsors.

Over $6000 was brought in by the show, 100% donated to Family Promise of Hunterdon and Family Promise of Warren counties

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2013 Classic Car Show Winners

Class #1   Antique to 1949

1st Reg.# 39 Car: year 1930 model: Ford/A-Cabriolet Owner: Tom Peterson
2nd Reg.# 55 Car: year 1948 model: Buick/Supra Conv. Owner: Jerry Innella

Class #2   50's Stock

1st Reg.# 92 Car: year 1956 model: Chevy/Bel-Air Owner: John Polomchak
2nd Reg.# 64 Car: year 1955 model: Ford/T-Bird Owner: George Fender

Class #3   60's Stock

1st Reg.# 49 Car: year 1960 model: Chevy/Impala Owner: Lydia Schmidt
2nd Reg.# 27 Car: year 1962 model: Chevy/Bel-Air 409 Owner: Nelson & Donna Lee

Class #4   70's Stock

1st Reg.# 104 Car: year 1972 model: Chevy/Chevelle Owner: Dan Kennedy
2nd Reg.# 106 Car: year 1973 model: Chevy/Impala Owner: John Camuso

Class #5   80's -'13 Stock

1st Reg.# 85 Car: year 2002 model: Chrysler/Prowler Owner: Bob Juba
2nd Reg.# 8 Car: year 2009 model: Dodge/Challenger-RT Owner: Joe Curcio
2nd Reg.# 96 Car: year 2013 model: Dodge/super Bee Owner: Anthony Glessing

Class #6   Corvette

1st Reg.# 33 Car: year 1957 model: Chevy/Corvette Owner: Charlie Busnack
2nd Reg.# 24 Car: year 1962 model: Chevy/Corvette Owner: John M. Gendelman

Class #7   Street Rod

1st Reg.# 66 Car: year 1933 model: Ford/"8" Owner: Bob & Connie Wooten
2nd Reg.# 91 Car: year 1932 model: Ford/Highboy Roadster Owner: Gabe Trepiccone

Class #8   Custom

1st Reg.# 75 Car: year 1972 model: Chevy/Nova Owner: Rob Rabovin
2nd Reg.# 76 Car: year 1988 model: Ford/Mustang GT Owner: Gerardo Giordano

Class #9   Truck

1st Reg.# 40 Car: year 1955 model: Chevy/Corvair PU Owner: Russell Thatcher
2nd Reg.# 100 Car: year 1961 model: Chevy/Corvair PU Owner: John Shoemaker

Class #10   Motorcycle

1st Reg.# 112 Car: year 2003 model: HD/Sportser Trike Owner: Harvey Becker
2nd Reg.# 103 Car: year 1979 model: Honda/CBX 6 Owner: Troy Shuman

People's Choice

Reg.# 83 Car: year 1967 model: Chevy/Corvette Owner: Steve Fajmor